Advantages of CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) board:

1) CBSE is a nationally recognized board
2) All the major nationalized competitive exams are conducted by CBSE
3) CBSE education is student-friendly and topics are interesting to study
4) CBSE books are made very interactive and interesting. There are a lot of fun activities included in between chapters to make it engaging for students
5) It helps children pursue higher studies in nationalized institutions
6) CBSE ensures that students actually learn from the entire process. Exam papers are therefore designed to test how much students have learnt rather than how much they have just ‘mugged up’
7) CBSE offers a lot of flexibility to the students to pursue their field of interest. This instills self- confidence in students
8) CBSE not only imparts quality knowledge to the students but also ensures overall physical and mental growth, and teaches students to be good citizens and good human beings
9) It encourages students to pursue sports alongside studies
10) It provides an advantage for children who want to pursue future studies from a centralized institution like an IIT or AIIMS as the preliminary exams for these institutions are organized by CBSE only. Students therefore get an edge over others if they have done their primary and secondary education in a CBSE board

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